You're in the checkout line and turn around to someone with no mask on.. What would you do?

I hear you! I am in a rural setting and my PCP is one of the good ones. Been seeing him since he got here from East Texas about 12 or 13 years ago. He has an incredible gift of figuring out what is wrong and not just sending you on to some “specialist”. He was the 1 that diagnosed my Lupus and still takes care of me, even above and beyond my Rheumy, CARDIOLOGIST ETC. He is a small town doctor he ends a visit or a message with he is praying for me. He takes “us” Medicare Advantage people, and I get it. I not just because of COVID but due to C. DIFF, "new weeping ECZEMA I developed now a fractured collarbone and shoulder blade I have my groceries delivered from the local market. Gas prices illnesses, chronic pain, all just stuff to put me into a tailspin not including ALL needing to be repaired at my house. So, I truly understand. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it more than you know.

Oh dear I didn’t realize you have eczema on top of your autoimmune issues. You need to be getting up to speed on monkeypox ASAP because as a former virologist (colds & flus were my specialty) I have a bad feeling about where MPX is going & anyone with skin conditions is at higher risk of MPX infection (being rural buys you some time to get ready & even if we luck out on containment, what I’m going to recommend to you will be useful anyway (saving you store visits & potential exposures).
For sure stock up NOW on whatever soothes your eczema because there will be increasing demand for that & if you’re old enough to remember when we had chickenpox outbreaks, that experience will serve you very well. I hate that people with autoimmunity, skin issues, immunocompromised are going to have to double down on the isolation procedures but here we are. At least all that hand sanitizer people bought might be useful with MPX.